Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keys to Happiness

On the radio yesterday the talk show host was asking the question...

"If you could go back and give your 15 year old SELF advice, NOW, knowing what you know, what would you tell him or her?"

I have thought a lot about this question. We try to tell our children what we have learned through our life's lesson, but do they listen? Most of them, at least mine, have to experience it on their own, and by all rights should. But how much heartache and pain might be avoided if we and they would listen to our parents and the wisdom that comes with age.

So I pose this question to any blog readers that might stumble upon my blog and read it. I would be interested to hear what you would tell yourself, if you had the opportunity to give yourself advice. Don't be afraid, leave your thoughts. I hope to learn from you. In advance I thank you for sharing.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Early morning riser

I love the morning. It is quiet, cooler than the rest of the day, and so peaceful. I have been getting up, occasionally, and going to a 5:15 am class at the gym and in doing so have witnesses some pretty amazing sunrises. I thought I would share. Here is just one good reason to be an early riser......


I'm thinking that 2 of these pictures might be sunset shots, but still beautiful! I am so grateful for the beauties of the earth and ALL that Heavenly Father tickles our senses with.