Monday, January 25, 2010

He grew up to be a cowboy!

I am so excited to actually have something to blog about and that I get to put up a new post. Saturday night, Jeff, my MIL, and I all went to Ogden to watch Ethan ride in his most recent Rodeo. It was the Rocky Mountain Professional Rodeo Associations (RMPRA) Winter Series rodeo. It was a 2 night event, each night had 7-8 different bareback riders. Ethan was "up" on Saturday night's performance, 85 was the leading score from Friday.

So here is a little rodeo judging information:

There are 2 arena judges, each judge has a total of 50 pts to award. The horse can get a max. of 25 pts, and the cowboy gets 25 pts. The judges are on opposite sides of the arena, watching how the cowboy spurs the horse, moves his legs and maintains control of his body; and also watching how well the horse bucks. Lots to watch! Well Ethan scored a 42 on each side, that's a score of 84! Pretty good, and because of that score, won first place in his performance and 2nd place overall. It proved to be a nice payday for him.

Here is a video of his ride, see what you think.

Watch the horse's timing, he actually kicks Ethan's hat.