Monday, December 14, 2009


Happy Birthday, Abi!!!!

Here I am, a day or so late again. Today I want to celebrate Abi's birth. Abi was born 22 years ago, December 11, 1987 at 2:36pm at Cottonwood Hospital. She weighed in at 8lbs 12oz was 20 1/2" long and had brown hair, not a lot but some. Abi's actual due date was Christmas Day and since I had the pleasure of having all my children C-section, I was able to move her due date as far away from Christmas as possible. They would only take her 2 weeks early, so I always know that on her birthday, there are 2 more weeks until Santa arrives.
Grandma Hickok, Abi and mom

It didn't take long for us to realize what a special little girl this gal was. Abi has been a joy since the first day we had her. She slept through the night pretty much right from the start. She has been a peacemaker in our family and an example for all of us to look up to. It is so hard for me to believe that she has grown up so quickly. I am so proud of her.

Abi is currently serving a mission in Cleveland, Ohio. She is privileged enough to have the Kirtland Temple in her mission. She loves that she gets to go to and be in places where the Lord himself has been.

She is our adventurous child. An example of this....once when she was about 11 or so, we went to Virg's here in Tooele County for dinner one night. On the table was a bottle of Tabasco sauce, she asked her dad what it was. After explaining what it is he then offered her $5.00 if she would "eat" a spoonful of it. Mustering the courage she needed, she did so. Pretty soon her eyes started to water, her mouth started to burn and she was "dying". Successfully, after a few hours, she was able to enjoy her well earned $5.00. Abi has also shown this adventurous spirit by attending school in several different environments. She started at BYU-I, transferred to BYU-H, and then went to BYU- Jerusalem all before venturing off to Ohio for her mission.

She is a wonderful daughter! A valiant and obedient servant of the Lord. She loves life and finds happiness in all that she does. Her goal is to be "wheeled" in to the chapel for her "homecoming" through the funeral doors, because she has exhausted herself in the service of others.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The blessings of service and a very good man.

No pictures with this post, just thoughts....

Last Friday, December 5th, the High Council of the Grantsville Utah Stake had a dinner and caroling activity. Jeff was assigned to bring a main dish, and after much deliberation we decided to take a Korean dish of marinated meat called: Pulgogi. It is delicious and since we haven't made any for a long time I was really looking forward to the feast. However we had a small scheduling conflict that night and so I ran to Salt Lake for Stephanie Clayton's wedding reception and then went to the activity late. I had told Jeff to save me some meat since my taste buds had been salavating all day long. He thought there would be no need, we brought enough, or so he thought. Luckily for me Bro. Casey Killian, also a RM from Korea had the same idea as me. He brought pulgogi but even better than that is he brought some cucumber kimchi to go with it. Now that was heaven! So I was able to enjoy the Korean feast made that much better by the fact that there was kimchi and seaweed to eat too. I can't even tell you how yummy it was and how many memories flooded my memory bank from days spent in the mission field. It was all so good.

We then went caroling to some of the members of the stake who are either suffering from age, health, or loneliness. May I share with you two experiences from this night of joy?!?! We had gone to a home of an older widow who lost her husband earlier this year, but unknown to us she had moved. Well when 10 cars all pull up in front of your home, one might open the door to inquire what was going on. This poor unsuspecting new resident was thrilled to have us sing to her. From what I understand, she isn't a member of the church and has no interest in any part of it, but was accepting and even eager to share the Christmas Spirit with us and all of her family. She called all of them to come out on the porch and listen to us. It was a great time and hopefully a true opportunity to become "brothers and sisters in Christ".

My second story is approached with tenderness and meekness as there are feelings very close to the surface for those directly involved. We had the privileged and opportunity to go to the home of Robin and Annette Baird. As those of you close to the Grantsville community know, Robin is battling cancer and his fight seems to be getting harder to win.

I just wanted to honor this man. Ever since I have known him, he has been involved with girl's softball. Teaching many young girls the skills necessary to play the game well and to "compete" in life. Skills that coaches so generously teach by sacrificing their time. He was always so supportive of my daughters while they were playing softball even though he never actually coached either of them. But Robin did more than just influence girl's in softball, he was an entrepreneur, he was friendly, and showed his friendship to all. An example of this....He would wave to me as he would pass by while I was out walking and he was driving by early in the mornings on his way to work. Always with a friendly wave and smile.

I am privileged to call him friend, even though I am no more than an acquaintance from the community. As he fights this final fight, I hope his family may be comforted with an understanding of God's love for each of them. I have no words of comfort to offer, just an appreciation for a life well lived, for a heart that has been deeply touched. Thank you Robin, you have made an impact on my family and a community that will not soon forget what you have done. God bless you and your family.