Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trying to change

It has been a long time since my last post. I have wanted to put a new post up for so long, but of what? My days seem boring and mundane!

Well I finally thought of something that I want to share......

It is really hard to be IN shape when for so many years you have allowed yourself to be OUT of shape.

I have been going to Gold's Gym now for 13 1/2 months, 5 days a week, and yet I see no visible signs of improvement. Yes, I can see some toning, and strengthening, but where I want to see improvement (on the scale), nothing is happening. Hopefully until NOW.......

I am putting this up on my blog to enlist ALL of your help. The experts in the health and fitness industry say that for my height and bone structure I should weigh about 145lbs. I haven't weighed that since I was in Jr. High. I don't want to be that tiny, but I would love to shed 40-50 pounds. In an obsession of this quest, I even thought about going to the auditions in Salt Lake a week or so ago for the show, "The Biggest Loser", but chickened out. (Maybe I'm not that big).

Recently a good friend told me about a web site that helped her SIL loose some weight. The website counts my calories, all I have to do is set my desired caloric intake, plug in what I ate and what I do for exercise, and the computer does the rest. Maybe this is just too easy, but I think that I can do this. Nothing complicated about it. No counting pts, reading labels, or figuring required. If I want to loose weight all I have to do is be honest and plug in the information and stay below the allowed calorie intake. I then will be told if I am eating too much, or the wrong things.

I don't know if I should be sharing so much information about my deepest struggle, am I setting myself up for disappointment by telling you all this? I feel good, I feel healthy, but I know that I need to loose some weight. I weighed myself this morning and I am down 2 pounds this week using this program. I am excited and so far I love it.

Many of you might be wondering what it is.......Well I got to it through I hope to be able to report good things and share with others my experiences in this healthy eating journey. Old habits die hard, but this one needs to die!